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Finding Help on MyADT.com

ADT has compiled the following help section to aid customers in using the new ADT® Business Reporting features on MyADT.com. Refer to this help section any time for tips and tricks on getting the most out of your Business Reporting account.

Several pages on MyADT.com have help icons: Clicking these will activate a tour guide with information specific to that page and its function.

If you need further assistance, or if you would like to remove Business Reporting from any of your systems, please contact the ADT Business Reporting support team at 888.689.6715.

Logging into ADT® Business Reporting

Existing Customer Login

Former DataSource Customers: Navigate to MyADT.com and login with your DataSource email and password. Please note: if your first login attempt is unsuccessful, please reset your password using the Forgot your password? link in the top right of the login box.

First-time & New Customer Login

Customers who never had a DataSource account: Navigate to MyADT.com and log in with the email address and password you established when you created your account.

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How to Reset Your Password

To reset your password, click Forgot your password? on the login form. You may reset your password by email or by answering security questions.

Navigating MyADT.com

Change Your Location

Use the Change Location drop down to navigate between your locations.

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Overview Page

A Better Experience

A cleaner dashboard and a more intuitive interface put the security features you rely on to protect your business at your fingertips. From here, you can access many security system and account management tools, including:

Free Crime Map

Find out how safe the area around your business is with just a few clicks - all you need is a ZIP Code. You can also email the report to employees and colleagues.

My Account

Use the My Account section of the site to manage your locations and location groups, set up email notification preferences, order equipment, view account activity history, and configure your billing and payment preferences - including ADT® EasyPay automated payments.

My Locations

Locations refer to the different physical locations of your business secured by ADT Security Systems. Whether you have one location or many, use this section to organize the information associated with each.

  • Locations - View phone numbers, email addresses, and group information for each of your locations.
  • Location Names (admin only) - ADT® Business Reporting Administrators may change the name of each location for easier reference.
  • Location Groups - Location groups allow you to organize your locations by region, type, or any other feature to help you and your employees stay organized. Groups also help make customizing your reports a breeze.

Add or Remove Locations

To add a new location to your account, click Add Location and enter the primary phone number, verbal security password, and address of the new location. At this point, you can also choose to add a location name and associate the location with location groups. The Remove Location feature is located under Actions for each location.

My Bill (Online Billing Portal)

MyADT.com makes it convenient to keep track of payments and billing history.

  • My Bill - View the details of your last payment, new charges, amount due, and due date for each of your locations. From here, you can also make a one-time payment or enroll in ADT® EasyPay automated payments.
  • ADT® EasyPay - ADT's automated payment system allows you to have your monthly bill processed automatically from either a credit card or bank account. No more paper bills or remembering to pay each month! Sign up for and manage your ADT® EasyPay settings on this tab.
  • Statements - View statement history for each location, and download previous statements as PDFs.
  • Email Billing - Contact ADT Billing Support by email with questions about bills and payments.

Web Profile

Manage your name, login email and password, and security questions for accessing MyADT.com.

Order Equipment

Order signs and decals to assure employees and customers that your properties are secure. Each location can order up to two signs and two decals per year.

Account Activity

A log of activity on MyADT.com by both admins and users that makes it easy to identify when updates are made to account and location information.

My Alarm

The My Alarm section of the website allows you to manage emergency contacts and common passwords for each location, order insurance certificates, test security systems, set up and view schedules specific to each location, configure panel codes, view alarm activity by location, and access manuals and demos for the security systems used by your business.

Contacts & Passwords (admin only)

Under Contacts & Passwords, ADT Business Reporting Administrators can easily configure the emergency contact information, passwords and permissions for each location.

  • Emergency Contacts - Add emergency contacts and establish verbal security passwords for each of them. Each contact may also be set up with different permission levels. This tab is also where you can change the primary and secondary phone numbers for each location.
  • Call Order - Simply click and drag to establish the order in which contacts should be called if an alarm is triggered.
  • Common Verbal Passwords (admin only) - ADT® Business Reporting Administrators may create common verbal passwords that are specific to a location but not to an individual. These verbal passwords may also be configured with different permission levels regarding location management and opening/closing outside of established schedules.

Insurance Certificate

Generate Insurance Certificates for each of your locations for your records, or for your business's insurance company.

System Management

Manage testing, schedules and panel codes specific to each security system at each location.

  • Manage Systems - ADT recommends testing all systems monthly to ensure they are working. If a test signal does not successfully send to ADT, the event will be recorded in the Alarm Activity report with the prefix FT. Learn more about event codes by viewing the activity key.
  • Schedules - ADT® Business Reporting Administrators can configure permanent schedules to define standard open and closing hours. Open and close times should match the times the alarm system is turned off (disarmed) or turned on (armed). Temporary and holiday schedules may also be used to modify your schedule on a temporary basis without altering the permanent schedule, for example, to accommodate inventory hours or holidays. ADT® Business Reporting Users may view the schedules, but not edit them.
  • Panel Code Assignments - ADT® Business Reporting Administrators may associate first and last names with panel-only users to easily recognize individuals in reports.
  • Online Service Requests (coming Summer 2013) - Request an ADT service appointment for any of the security systems at any location.

Why Add Names for New Panel-Only Users?

When panel-only users are added to an account without names, they display in reports as "User 1", "User 2", etc. For security reasons, panel codes do not display in reports. In order to assign user names later on, administrators will need to identify users by the times at which they enter their codes.

Alarm Activity

  • Alarm Activity - View all alarm events for the active location. Click Action to print the page, download the activity in Excel, pull a report for multiple locations, or view the Activity Key, which explains the codes in the Events column of the report. ADT Business Reporting Administrators may email, save, and schedule reports to send automatically at 1 a.m. Eastern time on the 1st and/or 15th of each month. The emails will come from noreply@adt.com.
  • Reporting - View, resend, and make changes to saved reports without having to recreate them each time.


Access FAQs, manuals and demos for the security systems at your premises.

Web Users – (ADT® Business Reporting Admin Only)

The Web Users tab is available only to ADT® Business Reporting Administrators. It is designed to allow administrative management of all MyADT.com users down to the location level and to monitor actions made on the account.

User Account

Manage users and their permissions for each location, all in one place. Check and uncheck the User is an Admin box on the Web Users > User Account tab to determine which users have access to ADT® Business Reporting administrator-only features. Add, delete and change user rights as employee status changes.

User Activity

Locations refer to the different physical locations of your business secured by ADT Security Systems. Whether you have one location or many, use this section to organize the information associated with each.

  • Web User Activity - View and download a report of all user activity on the account. No more guessing who made what changes when.
  • My Alerts - User alerts enable you to be notified by email of specific activity without having to log into MyADT.com. Know when changes are made as soon as they happen.